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The first step of the Roux method is the formation of a 3x2x1 block. The 3x2x1 block is usually placed in the lower portion of the left layer. The second step is to create another 3x2x1 on the opposite layer. The remaining four corners are then solved, which leaves six edges and four centers that will be solved in the the final step which is called "last six edges (LSE)". It isn't as dependent on algorithm memorizing as the Fridrich method, since all but the third step is done with intuition as opposed to predefined sets of algorithms. It also doesn't require as many cube rotations as the Fridrich method, which can aid the process of looking ahead while solving. One of the reasons many people like this method is simply because of the frequent use of M moves which gives it a very "cool" look to end of each solve.

Notable users: Austin Moore (BigGreen), Thom Barlow (Kirjava), and Jules Manalang (Waffle)
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